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Aces & Eights Corporation® is an emerging Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), located in the Technology Corridor of West Virginia. Aces & Eights' principal partners are intelligence community veterans with extensive background and recognized subject matter expertise with over seventy-five years of combined experience working within National Security, Defense, Intelligence, Law-Enforcement and the Security and Identity Industry. ♠

Aces & Eights Corporation® is an advanced technology, services and solutions provider for U.S. Defense, Intelligence, Homeland Security and Law Enforcement communities. We focus on providing a wide range of solutions to the government combining our knowledge and understanding of advanced technologies, current and future operational needs with integration of proven cutting edge technology. With a carefully selected cadre of subject matter expertise and strategic partners, Aces & Eights provides unique and unparalleled capabilities focused on end-user requirements. ♠

We offer a full range of solutions and services including:

  • Intelligence Analysis & Intelligence Support
  • Unconventional & Irregular Warfare Support
  • Technical Surveillance Reconnaissance
  • Applications Surrounding Signals Intelligence (SIGINT)
  • Computer Network Operations (CNO) - Attack / Defense / Exploitation
  • Network Obfuscation
  • Tactical Site Exploitation (TSE) & Crime Scene Investigation (CSI)
  • Technical Exploitation - Cyber / Digital / Mobile Forensics
  • All Source Data Fusion
  • Large Scale Data Analytics & Visualization via Private/Public Clouds
  • Biometrics - Collection & Credential Verification
  • Software Engineering - All Server and Mobile Platforms
  • Hardware Engineering - Firmware and Device Development

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Behind the Name

History Lesson... On August 2, 1876, "Wild Bill" Hickok was playing poker at the No.10 Saloon in Deadwood, South Dakota. As a personal rule, he always played seated with his back to the wall, but on this fateful day all of the chairs at the card table were filled and players unwilling to give up their seats so... "Wild Bill" compromised his personal rule and joined the game sitting with his back to the door of the saloon. A man named Jack McCall quietly roamed the saloon and made his way behind "Wild Bill", where he drew his .45 caliber pistol and shot "Wild Bill" in the back of the head. "Wild Bill" Hickok died instantly; his body slumped forward revealing his poker hand... he was holding two pair... black aces and black eights, known forevermore as the "Dead Man's Hand". ♠

Aces & Eights' Code... Our moral compass and ethics are resolute and will never waiver nor be compromised, lest we find ourselves in ruin.... You will find us, ALWAYS, with our backs to the wall and focused on the mission at hand. In times gone by, we have found that superior performers often become a target of the wicked, corrupt or inferior.... So we, as your implement, always stand at the ready to ensure those prepared to "shoot us in the back" never get that opportunity. ♠

Our Motto... "Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellem" is a Latin adage translated simply as, "If you wish for peace, prepare for war". This interpretation "peace through strength" is applied in the solutions we provide and is reflected in the way we live and conduct our day to day operations. ♠

If your business model is three-piece suits with a lot of corporate polish, please call and we will happily refer you to other resources. If, however, you prefer a straight talking, dedicated and infallible team of professionals with bold, innovative solutions – Aces & Eights Corporation® is the solution for you. ♠

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